SARIMS Golf Tournaments

SARIMS 22nd annual Golf Tournament
September 2015

SARIMS 2015 Golf Tournament
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2014 SARIMS Golf Tournament

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SARIMS 20th Annual Golf Tournament
September 5, 2013

SARIMS 17th Annual Golf Tournament
September 2, 2010

This year the Golf Committee decided to give everyone Golf Umbrellas in the hopes that we wouldn't need them, considering our summer was filled with rainy days.  It appears to have worked, as we had a beautiful day with barely a cloud in the sky.

Thanks to everyone for making this an excellent day and great fund raiser for both the McGannon Foundation and Aventa.

Congratulations to the winning team of David Hunko, Lois Gardiner, Shireen Bond and Nathan Minovitch.  I'm sure they appreciate the honesty of Jim Watkinson, Ken Bond, Jennifer Harker and David Richards who would have been the winning team, except they used their Gimme String in bits rather than all at once.